Ep. 35 - Special Guest: Morgan Begg - Research Fellow at IPA

• December 17th, 2020

Morgan Begg has been a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs since 2014, where he specialises in legal rights, freedom of speech and religion, the rule of law, and constitutional issues. Morgan has authored research papers on the GST and federalism, red tape and centralisation, religious liberty, and anti-vilification laws such as section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Morgan recently co-authored a paper entitled: A voice for the regions - Proposals for a restored upper house in Queensland.

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Ep. 34 - Special Guest: John Wharton - Mayor of Richmond Shire Council

• December 10th, 2020

John is Queensland's longest serving Mayor of 23 years and has served his local community of Richmond as councillor for a total of 27 years. John has been a long time advocate of Central and North QLD becoming is own State.

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Ep. 33 - Special Guest: Mark Vass - Farmers United

• December 2nd, 2020

Burdekin Farmer and business owner, Mark and a group of fellow farmers formed Farmers United to try and promote representatives that will more adequately fight for the needs of their community and industry. One of their main efforts is to try and bring sense back to science when it comes to regulations being forced upon the agricultural industry.

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Ep. 33 - Special Guest: Peter Senior

• November 27th, 2020

Peter is the principle of Senior Consulting. He specialises in business improvement, facilitating organisational projects and change management. Peter focuses on the totality of organisations – all aspects and how they interact to deliver optimum performance from marketing to operations. He is also a Cairns local.

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Ep. 32 - Special Guest: Geoff Holland

• November 19th, 2020

Geoff Holland has been an activist for 50 years, working for Greenpeace in Vancouver, Canada in 1977-78, and with the nuclear disarmament movement in Sydney in the mid-1980s. While living in Berkeley, California he became interested in Futures Studies and initiated the Institute for Global Futures Research (IGFR). After completing a Masters in Science and Technology Policy at the University of Wollongong, he participated in the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, returning 20 years later for Rio+20 world summit.

He has lived in Cairns, FNQ, for 22 years, founding the Cairns-coev forum in 1999 which focuses on sustainable development in FNQ, a forum which still continues today. Geoff has been an environmental advocate during this time, most recently focussing on the survival of the critically endangered Spectacled Flying Fox, a keystone species for the World Heritage Wet Tropics Rainforests of FNQ. Geoff is interested in how to make Cairns and FNQ more self-reliant through economic diversity and import substitution.

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Ep. 31 - Special Guest: Judy Plath - Paradise be Damned

• November 13th, 2020

Judy Plath is a Farmer & Business Owner in the Bunderberg region.

Fighting to keep the water in Paradise Dam and retain water security for producers in the Bundaberg Region.




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Ep. 30 - Special Guest: Carl Portella - Managing Editor of The Express Newspaper

• November 4th, 2020

Son of a former tobacco grower, Carl is the managing editor of The Express Newspaper. We discuss local communities and the importance of keeping them informed. By keeping it simple, small and local, Carl and his team have found great success where larger media companies would fail - even during COVID.

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Ep. 29 - Special Guest John Hannan “The Bradfield Scheme and beyond”

• October 28th, 2020

John Hannan

Cadet Engineer Commonwealth Dept of Works.
Thiess / Leighton group, (now Cimic - Australia’s largest Construction Company). Worked for, and trained by many of the engineers who worked for Thiess Brothers on the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme. Starting as an Estimator, worked my way up to Construction Manager on major projects, then State Manager for WA.

John has lived in Cairns 32 years, starting with building the new Cairns International Airport. John started his own building and development company in Cairns, almost 30 years ago, which he still owns.

Bachelor of Science, Sydney University
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Sydney University
Master of Engineering Science, NSW University
Unrestricted Builders Licence, Qld

Chairman of the Northern Development Industry Association, NDIA
Chairman of the Building and Development Committee, Far Nth Qld Catholic Diocese
Board Member, Calvary Hospital, (now Ramsay Private Hospital)

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Ep. 28 - Special Guest: Chris Squelch

• October 21st, 2020

Chris has a degree in Nautical Science at UTAS specialised in food logistics. He has written a number of studies for Qld Gov. In food production and transport. Over the years he had farmed all manner of livestock and crops. Chris has a Masters in Health and part of Batchelor Psych. Worked with men and Aborigines for 20 years. He is now semi retired.

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Ep. 27 - Special Guest: Desmond Tayley - NQ First Candidate for Cook

• October 16th, 2020

Born in Cairns but proudly raised in Wujal Wujal, Mr Tayley is as local as you get in his part of the world. Mr Tayley, 45, served for 19 years in local government, winning four elections as Mayor of Wujal Wujal and is respected in all communities across Cape York. Thanks to his strong background in local government, Mr Tayley knows the Cook electorate like the back of his hand – a big advantage, considering the constituency, stretching from Mareeba to the islands of the Torres Strait, covers almost 290,000 square kilometres, making it bigger than the UK!

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