Ep. 28 - Special Guest: Chris Squelch

• October 21st, 2020

Chris has a degree in Nautical Science at UTAS specialised in food logistics. He has written a number of studies for Qld Gov. In food production and transport. Over the years he had farmed all manner of livestock and crops. Chris has a Masters in Health and part of Batchelor Psych. Worked with men and Aborigines for 20 years. He is now semi retired.

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Ep. 27 - Special Guest: Desmond Tayley - NQ First Candidate for Cook

• October 16th, 2020

Born in Cairns but proudly raised in Wujal Wujal, Mr Tayley is as local as you get in his part of the world. Mr Tayley, 45, served for 19 years in local government, winning four elections as Mayor of Wujal Wujal and is respected in all communities across Cape York. Thanks to his strong background in local government, Mr Tayley knows the Cook electorate like the back of his hand – a big advantage, considering the constituency, stretching from Mareeba to the islands of the Torres Strait, covers almost 290,000 square kilometres, making it bigger than the UK!

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Ep. 26 - Special Guest: David Landini - Founder of the Riverina State Party

• October 7th, 2020

The issue of irreversible diminishing representation in Australian Regions and the necessity to create new states. Boot Brisbane campaigning for a new state of Central & North Queensland chat with David Landini founder of the Riverina State Party and his efforts campaigning for the creation of a New State from NSW.

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Ep. 25 - Special Guest: Tim Quilty - MLC for Northern Victoria

• September 30th, 2020

Farmer, Accountant, volunteer fire fighter, Rural Advocate and Member of the Victorian Legislative Council. Tim Quilty is no stranger to the city/country disparity of representation in State politics. This disparity has led himself to believe the future of regional Victoria is to create a New State. Not before Central and North Queensland Tim!

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Ep. 24 - Special Guest: Carolyn Moriarty - NQ First Candidate for Burdekin

• September 23rd, 2020

A fifth generation Central and North QLD local, Carolyn spent 17 years educating her community's youth as a Primary School teacher. Carolyn has been the boss of Bowen Tourism at the iconic 'Big Mango' visitor centre as well as having had a huge presence in the local sporting club community. That same community is one she hopes to truly help prosper should she be elected on October 31.

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Ep. 23 - Special Guest: Attila Feher-Holan - KAP Candidate for Mulgrave

• September 16th, 2020

As a former labourer, serviceman, logistics co-ordinator, security guard, technician and now small business owner, Attila is looking to take his experience and tackle NQ Issues with a true-blue NQ attitude. Listen in to hear his views on crime, Mulgrave as a community and the future of the regions.

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Ep. 22 - Special Guest: Alex Witten - Godwin Witten Realty

• September 9th, 2020

Alex is the Principle of Godwin Witten Realty with over 30 years experience in the Cairns property market. He has served as a Board member for REIQ as well as the Real Estate Industrial Organisation of Employers.

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Ep. 21 - Special Guest: Jason Borg - NQ First Candidate for Mirani

• September 2nd, 2020

Those who hail from the Sugar City need no introduction to Jason Borg. A Mackay local sporting legend, as well as former business owner, Borgsy is ready to take his love for the Mirani Region to the State Parliament and hopefully help NQ First deliver a New Parliament for Central and North QLD.

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Ep. 20 - Special Guest: Professor David Flint AM

• August 26th, 2020

WE NEED MORE STATES! A constitutional expert, Professor of Law, former Chairman of the Australian Press Council and Member of the Order of Australia, Professor Flint needs little introduction to most people - he is also a strong supporter of New States being created.

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Ep. 19 - Special Guest: Shane Condon - Founder & Managing Director of the Iron Boomerang Project

• August 19th, 2020

A 3300km rail line shipping Iron ore one way - coal the other. Steel is the lifeblood of a developing economy, and Australia is positioned perfectly to benefit. The Iron Boomerang Project is an amazing opportunity for Northern Australia to really become an economic powerhouse. Listen in where tonights guest Shane Condon breaks it all down.

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